Tiagon Dwyer         photo: Samantha Hoyles

Tiagon Dwyer         photo: Samantha Hoyles

Become a Member

If you've already decided to join, we're delighted! Here's the Membership Form. (insert membership form).  It's quick and easy!  Questions? We're happy to answer them.

If you're still thinking about it, here are the top six reasons to become a market member:

1. You value and support local food systems. You'll find fresh local produce in season, and locally produced meats and preserves.  Enjoy workshops, products and advice from local organizations such as  the Western Environment Centre (WEC) and the Wonderful Fine Market Cooperative (WFMC).

2. You value and support the local economy. We've created an alternate marketing opportunity for local food vendors, farmers, producers, artisans, artists, authors, makers and musicians.  Our weekly community gathering allows vendors, members and the community to interact and enjoy each others' products, services and company. By supporting each other, we keep our dollars in our local communities.  We feel good about that.  So will you.  

3. Members enjoy a $10 weekly discount on Wonderful Fine Market table fees.  Your $50 membership lasts a lifetime!  If you're a vendor who's excited about the potential of the full-on weekly market experience, lifetime membership just makes sense!

4. You're passionate about building a strong and healthy community. Every week you'll find us collecting cash and food donations for the local Food Bank Network. We provide opportunities for many local non-profits to raise funds and awareness.  As a member, you'll have a say in how we support and strengthen our community. And what's more, we'll value and appreciate your contribution.

 5. You're hungry for new experiences. We've got you covered! From books, buttons, bagels, beads, bags and beach glass to jams and jewelry..... from samosas, songs and scarves to art, crafts and wood turning.  Members make it, bake it, grow it and enjoy it.  We're growing, and invite you to grow with us!

6. You're fascinated by the West Coast's heritage, charm, growing cultural diversity, and potential. So are we. That's what brought the Wonderful Fine Market together in the first place.  Whether you're descended from a long line of livyers, or are recently come from away...... We are All the Wonderful Fine Market.   Join us!